FLAVORS OF MANATAWNY 3-whiskey bundle

FLAVORS OF MANATAWNY 3-whiskey bundle

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Trace the origins of our Honey Whiskey and our Maple Whiskey back to their source: our Four Grain American Whiskey.

The Four Grain whiskey is a blend of one- to four-year barrels that present a vanilla- and wood-forward profile which is balanced by the malt and spicy flavors from the rye, wheat, and oats. 

Before bottling Maple, we lightly fortify our Four Grain American Whiskey with aged maple syrup from our friends at Whiskey Hollow, resulting in a decadent, slightly sweet whiskey.

Before bottling Honey, two honeys from Swarmbustin' Apiary in Chester County, PA were blended with intense whiskey to provide sweet honey character without losing the bite of the whiskey.

Compare them against one another in a flight, or enjoy each on their own neat or in your favorite whiskey cocktails.


Four Grain American Whiskey: Alc. by Vol.: 45% ~ Proof: 90 ~ Vol: 750ml

Honey Whiskey with Natural Flavors: Alc. by Vol.: 42% ~ Proof: 84 ~ Vol: 750ml

Maple Whiskey with Natural Flavors: Alc. by Vol.: 42% ~ Proof: 84 ~ Vol: 750ml

Due to PA state liquor law requirements, this product can only be sold through our website to residents within the state of Pennsylvania.